The Entrepreneurial Mindset

“Whatever controls the mind also controls the behavior.”

WEBB Squared uniquely offers custom trainings that address the mindsets that have formed and shaped the present day realities
of black entrepreneurs.

From her 20+ years as a community organizer and racial equity trainer, Stephanie Terry has created these custom trainings to address the mindsets that have formed and shaped the present-day realities of black entrepreneurs.

History and Context of Black Entrepreneurship in the U.S. (3 Sessions)

Our first training series builds history and context for Black entrepreneurs by looking at
the story of Black wealth and inequality and the implications of internalized racism on entrepreneurs. We also look at the power of mind and examine perspective and the cycles of socialization.

Developing a Power-Mindset
(4 Sessions)

Our second training series explores belief systems and how they develop, how entrepreneurs can control their thoughts and actions, helps build a mindset for success, and helps the entrepreneur make good business decisions through understanding cognitive bias.

Your gift today will help our entrepreneurs
propel into the future.

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