Entrepreneurship Programs

Entrepreneurship can provide pathways to building wealth. But for Black and Brown entrepreneurs, a much harder road lies ahead because of systemic barriers to credit, markets, education, economic and social capital – as well as racial discrimination in lending and lack of access to government and private sector contracts.

WEBB Squared’s entrepreneurship training programs are designed with an acute awareness of the systemic challenges, some implicit and others explicit, that entrepreneurs of color encounter. Content for our programs is informed by the needs and priorities of the communities we serve and designed by those with shared lived experiences. All programs are place-based, delivered in the community centers, libraries, faith institutions in which our stakeholders live and work. Programs are accessible, affordable and help our entrepreneurs build efficacy and empowerment to successfully navigate the current economic system.

Sponsor An Entrepreneur

All WEBB Squared workshops and coaching are offered to entrepreneurs at no cost. Contributions of $5,000+  may be directed to sponsor the participation of one entrepreneur in the program.. Donors may identify one criteria for their scholarship: geographic location, industry focus, demographic focus, women entrepreneurs etc.

No matter how you direct your contribution, your investment in WEBB Squared’s Entrepreneurship Programs is an investment in the growth of robust, sustainable local economies with diverse businesses owned by people of color and the advancement of equitable economic development in our rural counties and communities.  Benefits include: opportunity to provide volunteer coaches for entrepreneurs, opportunity to present a workshop, opportunity to host industry specific networking events and more . . .

 We invite you to join us.

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