Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Carol Hewitt

Carol Hewitt lives in Pittsboro, NC. In 2010, she launched Slow Money NC, a non-profit that provides affordable loans to sustainable farmers and local food entrepreneurs. Carol’s also the author of Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money, sharing stories of generous lenders and hard-working borrowers in the hopes it would inspire others to do the same.

Desiree’ Lockhart

Desiree’ is a Webb Squared entrepreneur who started her business, Bukka’s ‘Bucha, while in college in the year 2021 making and selling kombucha to promote college student health and wellness. She became part of the first Webb Squared entrepreneur cohort in 2022, and has been receiving mentoring, resources, and coaching from them ever since. Her goal is to expand her business and establish a brewing facility in Chatham county to promote the rural economy, standardize the production of her product, and keep up with demand. 

Evan Springfield-Cobb

As a Financial Advisor through Edward Jones, Evan fulfills his calling to help others. He has a passion for helping individuals with understanding key concepts to live a fulfilling life. Evan is a also a founding member of WEBB Squared and a WEBB Squared entrepreneur. Evan offers Financial Literacy workshops for WEBB Squared entrepreneurs. Evan is a native of Durham, NC. and graduate of Winston Salem State University.

Frank Phoenix

Frank J Phoenix is a graduate of NC State University. He served 24 years as an Environmental Engineer measuring air pollution from large industrial facilities across the US. In 2000 he set up a family foundation with assets from a company his grandfather started in Durham, NC in 1917. For the last 22 year he has served as President of the foundation.

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