Mission and Values

Our mission is to redress the racial wealth gap and build generational wealth by providing incubator-accelerator services to Black entrepreneurs and People of Color job seekers in rural NC.

Our work is fueled by these values that are expressed by these Adinkra symbols. 

*Originating from the Gyaman people of Ghana, Adinkra are visual symbols with historical and philosophical significance originally printed on cloth which African royals wore to important ceremonies.


Nserewa “wealth, abundance and affluence” 

As we evolve out of “scarcity” models in our culture, we recognize that the “zero-sum” approach to business is neither satisfying nor sustainable.  Abundance means more than material gain – it represents a world view around the true and inexhaustible nature of life and the universe. We start our businesses from where we want to finish, with expectancy rather than dread, from love rather than fear, from wholeness instead of lack, and abundance instead of scarcity.


Kuronti ne Akwamu “democracy, sharing ideas, taking council”

Everything we do springs from a consciousness that African Americans – because of the history of our racialized country – require different allocation of resources and opportunities to reach equal outcomes in business and economics. To that end we consult and coach with our  Black entrepreneurs to support their aspirations, dreams, and vision for their businesses.


Akoma Ntoaso ”Joining of hearts, agreement, togetherness and unity”

All of our offerings and initiatives are infused with the truth of Unity. The transformative work of WEBB Squared is based on the recognition that race is a construct, a falsehood that serves no purpose beyond isolation and subjugation.  We are aware of our uniqueness and individuality while refusing to subvert those differences as an excuse for separation.


Ese Ne Tekrema “friendship and interdependence”

We believe that the highest form of relationship is when independent people recognize that they are also dependent on each other. Nature provides examples of interdependent relationships everywhere we look. For example, human beings could not exist without trees or bees. Each species, while independent, provides a necessary component for the optimal experience of life. Interdependence is the paradigm that we are growing toward, and we infuse this principle throughout our relationships with our entrepreneurs, our supporters, and our collaborators.

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