State of Black Entrepreneurship in Rural NC

WEBB Squared (Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black and Brown Businesses) proudly presented a groundbreaking report on the status of Black and Brown Entrepreneurs in Chatham County and other rural counties in North Carolina on Friday, February 3.

In Chatham County and rural counties across the state, the racial wealth gap is wide, but little documentation has been compiled. This presentation aggregated critical and cutting-edge data across a range of social and economic indicators to highlight the impact of centuries of policies and practices that remain as barriers to opportunities.

Its purpose was to raise awareness and cultivate conversations about these barriers and explore opportunities to develop ecosystems that support Black and Brown entrepreneurs living in rural counties in North Carolina. The report also established a baseline from which to measure progress to stem the tide of wealth inequality so that as these entrepreneurs start, grow, sustain and scale their businesses to create jobs, hire employees, and improve economic household and community conditions.

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