Your Gifts at Work!

At WEBB Squared – we know that financial transparency will help preserve the very-important trust you as a donor places in our work to build wealth and Black business in North Carolina.

Your support is important to us.

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We are WEBB Squared “Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black Businesses”

At the beginning of 2021, we came together to begin building WEBB Squared “Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black Business” as a way to help close the racial wealth gap. We are grateful for the initial gifts of $10,500 to begin this most important work. In full transparency, here’s where those gifts have assisted us:

Building Capacity and Infrastructure:

  • Stephanie Terry was named Executive Director.
  • Rinnie Orr was named Associate Director.
  • We hired Mashallah Salaam, of Afro Future Productions (a Black woman owned video production company), as Media and Production Specialist.
  • We procured office space at The Plant in Pittsboro.
  • We published our website.
  • WEBB Squared applied and received a federal EIN number and opened a bank account with First Bank in Pittsboro.
  • WEBB Squared is now a 501c3 non-profit organization (approval pending). Our application is in and we feel confident it will be approved in the next few months.
  • We launched our Conscious Conversations package to partner with organizations dedicated to bringing consciousness to the racial divide through emerging new narratives about race.
  • We began production on our podcast – The Remedy – which will launch in August 2021.
  • We began planning the “Launch at the Plant” Event – October 23, 2021 at “The Plant” in Pittsboro NC.
  • We have developed our program curriculum and fine-tuning the services we will provide.

Supporting our WEBB Squared Entrepreneurs:

  • Bi-weekly meetings with the founding WEBB Squared Entrepreneurs. (Brandon Christian, Evan Springfield-Cobb, and Toshwa Alexander.)
  • Brandon received help with a KIVA campaign he ran for his young company, Pore People. This successful campaign brought in funds he will use to purchase supplies and inventory.
  • Evan now has an opportunity to provide his Life Enrichment program (teaching financial literacy) to a summer camp and will provide financial coaching to all WEBB Squared entrepreneurs.
  • We pursued an internship opportunity for Toshwa with Brand Fuel, a merchandising agency in Raleigh.
  • Our artist-in-residence, Damita Hicks is busy designing our WEBB Squared logo as well as design the posters for local community events as well as our “Launch at the Plant” in October.

Building Partnerships

  • We solidified a partnership with Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity.
  • We solidified a contract with Abundance North Carolina that is committed to promoting community resilience through health, sustainability, culture and equality.
  • We partner with Heart Powered Ventures to provide inter-racial networking opportunities for our WEBB Squared entrepreneurs. Members of our shared Commonwealth Network are dedicated to building equity and race amity.
  • Partnering with Levitate, a Raleigh based marketing company who will sponsor Four Black entrepreneurs into the WEBB Squared business program. Levitate will also be featuring our Black entrepreneurs in their multi-media marketing campaigns.
  • And in June, WEBB Squared co-hosted a gathering with Slow Money NC to get WEBB Squared entrepreneurs in front of potential investors. Brandon Christian and another new entrepreneur, Lori Jones of Blackology Coffee Company, presented their business ideas. We intend to continue this collaborative relationship.

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