Personal and Business Financials

Financial Literacy Service with WEBB Squared Founding Member Evan Springfield-Cobb
(3 one-hour sessions)

Within the financial literacy course, we cover three main topics of having a financial foundation: budgeting, goal setting, and investing. These three topics are great starting blocks to building knowledge of your finances – each session enhancing the next.

Without knowing how to budget properly, you don’t know how much you can save. To achieve your dream, it is important to understand goal setting.

In order to make the wheels turn, your money needs to make more money. With these three pillars, you open doors that you never imaged were so close. 

Business Finances
(3 Sessions)

In these three sessions led by Stephanie Terry, we help the entrepreneur begin to “think like a business” and helping him/her learn to separate personal finances from business, develop business financials for investment, and attract the right types of investment to propel the business toward success.

Your gift today will help our entrepreneurs
propel into the future.

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