Our Partners and Supporters

Organizations and Businesses

Triangle Community Foundation: By working with dedicated donors and strong nonprofits, the Triangle Community Foundation works to reduce inequities, and solve the region’s most pressing challenges.

Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity:
CORE works to deconstruct systemic inequities and achieve equitable outcomes for all people in Chatham County through education, organizing, and reconciliation.

The Plant is a diverse 17-acre eco-industrial park located on the east side of Pittsboro, North Carolina and home to like-minded local economy focused small businesses

The Fenwick Foundation supports projects that focus on the needs of children and their families in the areas of education, human services and the arts.

Levitate: Levitate is a keep-in-touch marketing tool for small to medium-sized businesses that facilitates meaningful relationship-building.

Slow Money NC catalyzes the flow of affordable capital to sustainable small food enterprises, connecting investors ~ ordinary people who care ~ to their local farmers and local food businesses to “bring our money back down to earth.” 


James Johnson Jr: William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Director, Urban Investment Strategies Center

Dave Gold: Dave Gold has enjoyed four decades of remarkable success as an attorney, entrepreneur, author, consultant and mentor.

Bryan Piccirillo – Financial Advisor, Edward Jones: Bryan offers peace of mind through taking complex financial goals and creating a personalized and complete strategy that includes organizing, growing, protecting, and transferring your wealth.

David Morgan – Morgan & Perry Law: David Morgan is an entrepreneur at heart and attorney by trade. He co-founded Morgan & Perry Law because he has a passion for empowering people.

Heather Montgomery is a professor at International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo who research and specializes in macroeconomics and international economics.

Lucy Grist is a successful event planner and fund-raiser with 15 years of experience developing tailored in-person gatherings for any occasion.


We are grateful for the support we have received this past year and celebrate in particular:

Our Angel Supporters (10,000+):

Timmy Allsopp, Frank Phoenix, Ellen Rubenstein

Our Supporters (1000+):

Orion Adrian, Sholeh Dadressan, Dave Gold, Shirley Gray, Carol Hewitt, Ami Israel, Dr. James Johnson, Tami Schwerin, Levitate, The Plant

Friends of WEBB Squared (500+):

Sally Bond, Duane Gilbert, Maria Mauceri, James O’Mara, Bettina Patterson, Janice Valder, Black Trident Ventures LLC 

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