Our Entrepreneurial Programs

Our coaching services, mindset programs, and financial literacy programs are tailored to help Black entrepreneurs succeed.

Individualized Weekly Coaching

Our first priority is working with our WEBB Squared entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses and help them succeed. Our staff team and coaching mentors are experts at propelling our entrepreneurs’ visions from concept to successful business. Whether it’s a service profession, retail, art, music, or more, we provide our entrepreneurs the mindset and skillset to make their dreams turn into reality.

Our Powerful Entrepreneurial Mindset Training

All things begin with the end in mind. Every tangible thing or enterprise was first an idea in someone’s mind – the mind is a powerful causal point in creating anything. Our unique trainings are designed to assist the Black entrepreneur realign with powerful universal principles that expand the natural abilities of human beings to attract and create for more desirable results.

Personal and Business Financials

Our financials program aids the Black entrepreneur with understanding and building their foundations in order to open doors to an abundant future.

WEBB Squared is where I go for ideas on what to do next – and it’s also my support system when I’m feeling either lost or down. Every business owner needs a team like WEBB Squared behind them.

— Toshwa A.

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