Our Advisory Board

Karinda Roebuck

Executive Director at Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area

Karinda is a Certified Nurse-Midwife who has been practicing midwifery since 2008. She began her midwifery career while on a field study for her medical anthropology degree in Cape Coast, Ghana. Karinda has dedicated her career to listening to women and acting as guardians of their pregnancies and birth experiences. She has been trained in the Centering Pregnancy framework and has done research on the higher incidence of postpartum depression among migrant, Latinx women. She has worked on initiatives to expose racism both within midwifery and by midwives. She has done multiple trainings and presentations on the history and sequela of the removal of the Black granny midwife from small communities. Birth equity and cross-cultural birth customs have always been her passion and is what led her to racial equity work with Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity in 2018.  

Vincent Miller

Project Lead – New Technologies at Duke Clinical Research Institute

Vincent is an accomplished project manager with a foundation in patient health research, experienced in all aspects of research from start to culmination. He is skilled in the deployment and utilization of mobile applications in clinical research.

Carol Hewitt

Executive Director of Slow Money NC

Carol launched a non-profit called Slow Money NC – Slow Money NC which has catalyzed 200+ loans to 100+ farmers & food entrepreneurs, totaling ~$4m. That adds up to dozens of jobs created and/or saved, thousands of lbs. of local food produced and consumed, thousands more lbs. of food waste turned into compost, and untold valuable relationships forged & strengthened to build safer, healthier, richer (in ways more important than money) people and communities.

Carol’s also the authored of Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money, sharing stories of generous lenders and hard-working borrowers in the hopes it would inspire others to do the same

Dave Gold

Founder of Heart Powered Ventures

Dave Gold has enjoyed four decades of remarkable success as an attorney, entrepreneur, author, consultant and mentor.

His unique combination of business acumen and higher wisdom has helped countless impact-driven entrepreneurs tap into whatever sets their hearts on fire  – and use that passion to in turn set the marketplace on fire.

WEBB Squared was a project generated by the staff and community network of Heart Powered Ventures.

Allen Wyke

CTO, Digital Media Executive, OTT, Commerce, ad:tech/mar:tech,

Allen is the founder of a boutique consulting firm that has experience with over 200 clients. He has worked as an Executive, Lead or Advisor to CNN, Opry Entertainment Group, Motor Trend Network, NBC/Universal, The Recording Academy/GRAMMYs and more. 

Not picture – Timothy Allsopp

Timothy Allsopp is a financial planner and advisor with his company Legacy of Harvest, which provides holistic, multi-disciplinary solutions for families and business owners to create multi-generation legacies of wealth and impact. Legacy of Harvest transforms uncertainty into legacy and obstacles into opportunity.  Timothy has a long history of mentoring and supporting black businesses and entrepreneurs, including providing a relationship to money that overwrites the internalized cultural limitations that prevent these businesspeople from accumulating wealth.

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