Meet Our Entrepreneurs

We are so excited about the next chapter of WEBB Squared – we’ve been building a place to work with entrepreneurs and create successful Black businesses throughout North Carolina. In our inaugural program year, we have 19 entrepreneurs and will be aiding 17 businesses. These are our entrepreneurs.

The network within the WEBB Squared community is unlike no other – from support to build on your business – to contacts in industries that would take a lifetime to gather on your own.

~Evan Springfield-Cobb

I’m looking to be a better entrepreneur, business partner, and a better leader. I also want to experience growth and wealth. Generational wealth is important – I have a son I want to past my company down to. WEBB Squared gives me a chance to advance and grow my business.

~Javon Parker

I want to be a WEBB Squared entrepreneur because I believe in WEBB Squared’s mission, and I can see you believe in the mission/goals of the entrepreneurs you partner with. I want to join this cohort of entrepreneurs and mentors who are passionate about helping me to succeed not just financially but personally as a Black business woman.

~Desiree Lockhart

I want to learn everything there is about being an entrepreneur from start to finish.

~Amber R. (our youngest entrepreneur – age 13)

I want to be a WEBB Squared entrepreneur, because I believe WEBB Squared is the supporting power to help me keep stepping toward my dream to be an inspiration to my community and to help the economic gap in this country. My drive to be an entrepreneur was solely based on my own assessment of my skills and talents. I know I still need a lot of knowledge and training to be a professional. I want to be around other likeminded people and my elders to seek their knowledge.

~Ebony Flores
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