Join Our Commonwealth Network

The Commonwealth Network – we are entrepreneurs that….

….lead from the Heart:
Join us and tap into a broad ecosystem of entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, professionals and social pioneers who recognize the radical power and profitability of authenticity, in business and in life.

….form a Collaborative Community:
We are mutually supportive as we collaborate in the creation of a new culture of equity and authenticity in the marketplace and the world.

….are Impact-Driven:
We create a culture and meeting space where impact-driven businesspeople can find their “tribe, their voices and the best version of themselves.”

Benefits to Joining…

Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

Our team has some amazing mentors and coaches who walk with our entrepreneurs as mentors, accountability partners, goal setting, visioning sessions and more.

Entrepreneurial Experts and Special Guests

Accomplished and enlightening guests help heart driven entrepreneurs solve their biggest challenges at each weekly Commonwealth Meeting

Support Social and Racial Equity in ways that really matter.

The Commonwealth Network includes our WEBB Squared entrepreneurs, which supports Black entrepreneurship through mentorship, investment, access to networks and the rewriting the internal and external narratives that have only served to divide us.

Membership is $24 a week – that $96 a month.

We meet on Thursdays, 12 pm EST via Zoom.

Interested in checking us out? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a Zoom link to our next meeting.

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