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As an entrepreneur, turning an innovative idea into a scalable and saleable product is not an easy challenge. You have to do your market research, identify what your idea will bring to customers, prepare a business plan, create a marketing plan, and get your goods and services out to potential clients and customers.

All of these tasks are challenging, and can be compounded if you are lacking the right skills, resources, and network to help you become successful.

At WEBB Squared, we work with Black entrepreneurs no matter where you are in the entrepreneurial journey. Do you have an idea for a business, but work full-time and not sure where to begin? Do you have a business, but work 70-80 hours a week and need to expand and hire staff to help create balance in your work and personal life? Do you have a hobby and want to turn it into a business?

In all these areas and more, WEBB Squared – through our mentoring/coaching, financials, and entrepreneurial mindset workshops – will help you create the business tangibles you need for entrepreneurial success:

  • pitch decks
  • business models and plans
  • financial forecast
  • marketing and social media plans
  • website development
  • and more…

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