Wealth through Entrepreneurship
for Black Businesses

Increasing wealth for Black businesses in rural North Carolina through
education, connection, network, and opportunity

A Blueprint for Building Power through Entrepreneurship

The mindset of an entrepreneur is a key factor in achieving success in their businesses because the creation of any “thing” is first formed in the mind as a thought.

In the concentrated world of business incubators and accelerators working to support Black businesses, WEBB Squared uniquely offers custom trainings that address the mindsets that have formed and shaped the present day realities of Black entrepreneurs.

“We’re in the business of creating equity. And if you want to invest in equity…you must invest in the unity of humanity. We are creating a whole new paradigm…scaling equity locally to make models that can be replicated throughout different localities.”  ~Stephanie Basima Terry, Executive Director

These mindsets – grown from the realities of living in a racialized, discriminatory and oppressive society, paired with cultural and systemic structural racism – have disenfranchised, stressed and overwhelmed the natural abilities of the masses of Black entrepreneurs, to establish their businesses powerfully, collectively, and with ease. 

Our unique trainings and coaching supports the deconstruction of any internal and external barriers our entrepreneurs may be facing, and promotes the healing, restoration and liberation of the genus of Black entrepreneurs, in full power,  as we collaborate to establish their businesses to success. 

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