Equity in Economics

Identifying structural racism and implementing equitable practices

For most of its history, the United States excluded people of color from its main pathways to upward mobility, creating deep social and economic inequities. WEBB Squared’s “Equity in Economics” training is an exciting, forward-focused series of workshops delivered in your workplace. Sessions are designed and presented by experts in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging who share both an historical perspective and their lived experiences to foster dialogue among your employees around root causes of economic bias and current practices that may be perpetuating inequity today. 

The series also highlights the impact of racial economic inequity – both cultural and financial – on your business, employee morale and your bottom line, and helps inform solutions.  

The Course

The learning is delivered  in five distinct, 4-hour learning modules and can be customized for specific industries and markets: 

1.       Viewing the American Economy with a Race Equity Lens: Explores the history of inequity in economic development to offer insight into the economic circumstances of 2023.

2.       Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap: An interactive workshop using games to help participants understand the great disparity in wealth by race and its impact on local economies.

3.       Policies & Practices: A look at how current systems and assumptions perpetuate economic inequity – and practical ways, and reasons, to shift to more equity-based frameworks.

4.       A New Vision for Prosperity: Through games and case studies, participants rethink narratives of scarcity and the zero-sum model of wealth and success.

5.       Leveraging DEI for Organizational Excellence: Delves into ways in which DEI strategies and workplace cultures strong in diversity, inclusion and belonging generate increased organizational productivity and positively impact the bottom line.

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