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“The Revolution Begins with Dialogue”

Inspired by conversational podcasts on deep meaningful subjects and ideas, the WEBB Squared “Wealth Through Entrepreneurship for Black Businesses” staff team – Stephanie Terry, Rinnie Orr, and Mashallah Salaam – have created a new podcast to discuss race, race amity, racial equity, unity, abundance, interdependence, relational power, and more.

We have vulnerable conversations about who we are as white people, as black people, and as human beings living in this world that’s so divided. We know we don’t have all the answers, but we do believe that “the remedy” lies in these conversations and the coming together as friends and collaborators creates a community that can address these issues.

We believe “the remedy” to the race divide lies in the process of critical conversations and powerful dialogue. Race equity is a destination but the solutions are found on the journey.

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A Conversation with Travis Patterson of SEEDS (Self-Enhancing Education and Development Services) The Remedy Podcast

Welcome to Season 3 of The Remedy Podcast.  For the next few weeks, we will be talking with the entrepreneurs enrolled in our coaching and mentoring program on being "fearless" as they create their businesses.Meet "The Remedy" hosts:Stephanie Terry, Executive Director of WEBB SquaredRinnie Orr, Associate Director of WEBB SquaredMashallah Salaam, Podcast Producer and Media Specialist"The Remedy Podcast" is a joint podcast between WEBB Squared "Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black Businesses" and Afro Future Productions.This week's guest is Travis Patterson, Director of SEEDS (Self-Enhancing Education and Development Services). Not only is Travis a WEBB Squared entrepreneur, he has joined the team of WEBB Squared as our Director of Workforce Development, where he will focus on:assist youth and young adults with educational and training goalsprepare youth and young adults for the workforce through job preparation, skill-building, and comprehensive guidanceconnect youth and young adults to workforce resources In this conversation, Travis talks about: his business SEEDS, helping at-risk families transition from trauma/tradegy to self-sufficiencytoxic masculinity and internalized racism, and how that shaped his journey to becoming a mentor for young men of colorthe roles his own mentors, teaches, and coaches played  for him when he was a young, Black man growing up in Chatham Countylessons learned from running for office in the latest election primarySupport the show
  1. A Conversation with Travis Patterson of SEEDS (Self-Enhancing Education and Development Services)
  2. A Conversation with Gina Diouf of Sankofa Sojourners
  3. Interlude: We Celebrate Juneteenth and want to invite you to join us!
  4. Rise Up from the Ashes: Building Identity Anew
  5. Rising from the Ashes: Letting Go of Identities that Don't Serve Us
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