Conscious Conversations for Corporations and Organizations

Bringing consciousness to the racial divide

Emerging New Narratives through Conversation

Welcome to Conscious Conversations where we provide your organization with the context, tools, and guidance necessary to ensure that vulnerable, authentic and curiosity-driven conversations around race and diversity are taking place in your organization. 

Most uniquely, rather than training on how to have more authentic conversations about race at a future time, we create the space to have them now, with our WEBB Squared entrepreneurs and our staff team.

The Conscious Conversations program is the engagement, supporting your organization’s workforce to experience a conscious dialogue with people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. We do this by providing conversation on these areas:

Our Conversations:

The Power of Perspective

Let’s talk about how powerful our perspectives are..
What are they? What informs them?
Do they reflect and represent your company brand, culture, demographics?

Race as Social Construction

Did you know that race was socially constructed and made up? Have you ever thought about why it was made up? Our team will help your team unpack this construction and what we can do to foster change.

Conversation on the Racial Wealth Gap

The racial wealth gap is the disparity in median wealth between whites and blacks. We talk with your team about how we got it, and how we can work together to change it.

History of Black Entrepreneurship in the U.S.

We talk about the unknown stories and experiences of Black entrepreneurs in the U.S. We look at their stories and experiences and share with your team ways that your business can support Black entrepreneurship.

Race Amity and Social Change

At WEBB Squared, our staff team is dedicated to the idea of collaboration and conversation across races in order to foster great social change. Let’s talk about the history and collaboration of Blacks and Whites for positive and collective change.

Building Bridges through Collaboration

Let’s figure out a project to work on together and emerge some shared goals so that we can practice being in an authentic relationship together.

These workshops are specifically designed for your organization and teams.
Perhaps you want a series of “Lunch and Learns?”

Or maybe a half-day workshop to cover one or more of these topics?
Whatever the case, we want to hear from you.

If you would like to learn more about our Conscious Conversations and what we provide, please fill out this form and we will give you a call.

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