Become a WEBB Squared sponsor

Your generous gifts provide Black entrepreneurs with access to:

Individualized Business Coachingto build out tangibles needed for business – such as a website, a business model, a business plan, a marketing plan, a social media presence, a pitch deck, and business registration and licensing.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Programs: to support the deconstruction of any internal and external barriers our entrepreneurs may be facing.

Personal and business finances classes: led WEBB Squared founding member, Evan Springfield-Cobb and Stephanie Terry, our Executive Director.

Membership into the “Commonwealth Network: The Commonwealth is a broad ecosystem of impact-driven entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, professionals and social pioneers who recognize the radical power and profitability through collaboration to create a new culture of equity in the marketplace and the world.

The total cost for an entrepreneur into our program for a year is $15,000.

No gifts are too small, but you can be a WEBB Squared supporter at these levels to greatly impact
the business and livelihood for the entrepreneurs in our program:

  • At the COMMONWEALTH Support Level – your gift of $1000 supports a Black entrepreneur for a year-long membership into our Commonwealth Network.
  • At the BRONZE Support Level – $1500 to $3000- you are providing partial scholarship assistance for 1 entrepreneur.
  • At the SILVER Support Level – $3500 to $4500 – you are providing partial scholarship assistance for 3 entrepreneurs.
  • At the GOLD Support Level – $5000+ – you are providing partial scholarship assistance for 5 entrepreneurs.
  • At the ANGEL Support Level – $15,000 – you are providing full scholarship to 1 entrepreneur into our program.

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