About Us

We are an “incubator” and “accelerator” created to address and close the racial wealth gap by providing a supportive ecosystem around Black entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

WEBB Squared provides a framework of services for Black entrepreneurs that features a power-shifting approach to growth by providing the following cornerstones of service:

1. Paradigm Shifting Re-Orientation

2. Collaboration with leaders who share our values of unity and interdependence and that prioritizes relationship building.

3. Attracting Equitable Investors who value transformational, long-term relationships that fosters community wealth and well-being.

4. Providing Business Technical Support

Our Values

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Everything we do springs from a place of equity, of resonating with the fundamental “rightness” of fairness and equality.  To that end we mentor, shepherd and co-create business ventures that enable people of ALL  backgrounds to succeed. We are collaborators with diverse perspectives who  foster businesses and communities that minimize bias and address systemic inequities.

All of our offerings and initiatives are infused with the truth of Unity. The transformative work of WEBB Squared is based on the recognition that race is a construct, a falsehood that serves no purpose beyond isolation and subjugation.  We are aware of our uniqueness and individuality while refusing to subvert those differences as an excuse for separation.

We recognize that authenticity is the most critical ingredient in the alchemy of success.  We maintain a clear channel between our highest values and how we show up in the world, our deepest passions and the offerings we bring into the marketplace; and the relationships that we form and maintain with everyone in our lives and our businesses.  We experience authenticity as the purest and most powerful expression of our unique gifts and destiny, and delight in bringing ourselves and our offerings  out into the world.

Interdependence is more than a laudatory ideal – it is an underlying  truth that reflects how effective organizations and ecosystems operate.  When our perspective is broad enough and our hearts are big enough, we no longer have to “try” to see that our success, happiness and abundance is inextricably intertwined with that of others.  We begin to truly experience and live the truth of how supporting others feeds and supports EVRYONE, including ourselves.

As we evolve out of a “scarcity” mentality in our work and our lives, we recognize that the “zero-sum” approach to business is neither satisfying nor sustainable.  Abundance is more than a mentality – it represents the true inexhaustible nature of life and the universe. We start our businesses from where we want to finish, with expectancy rather than dread, from love rather than fear, and from abundance instead of scarcity.

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